The town of Colditz has a chequered history. Even historical buildings are witness to today. The heart of the town, the market square with the Renaissance town hall, the town Church of St. Egidien and the cemetery chapel of St. Nicolai. Colditz is one of more than 5,000 inhabitants, small town. It is located on both sides of the Zwickauer Mulde. The historical core of the city is located on the right side of the river.


1046 The first mention in the Region of Colditz as a Burgwardbezirk „Cholidistcha“
12. Jh. The emergence of a merchant's settlement and the St. Nikolaikirche
1265 first mention of the  Stadt Colditz (civitas)



Purchase of the rule Colditz by the Wettiner inclusion to Markgrafschaft Meißen



Big City Fire

beginning of the reconstruction of the castle

16. Jh. Flourishing cloth makers and linen weavers, craft



Renaissance building of the castle 

Hunting residence of the Royal Saxon court

1602/22 Widow seat of Kurfürstin Sophie from saxony in Colditz and Rochlitz
ab 18. Jh. Use of Colditzer peat for Meissner Porzellan-Manufaktur
1800/03 Conversion from the castle to a poor house
1804 First peat processing in the Colditzer „Steingutfabrik Thomsberger & Hermann“
1829 Conversion of the castle to a hospital for the mentally ill 
1933/34 Concentration camps of the SA for 600 Anti-fascists at the castle
1936/37 Labour camp in the castle 
1940/45 Prisoner of war camp for officers of the Western allies  (Oflag IVc) at the castle
1958 The beginning of the porcelain production
1990 725 years Stadt Colditz
1996 castlefestival 950 years Schloss Colditz
2007 The opening of the European youth hostel  castle Colditz


The Colditz castle, the landmark of the city, is linked over the Centuries with the development of this. Under the rule of the electress Sophie of Saxony has a long flowering period. Tourists from all over the world, especially from Western Europe, often visit these historical cities, as in 2. World war II was a war prisoner of war camp for allied officers. The tour of the escape tunnels for visitors is always a special experience. Its international Tradition, opened in the town of Colditz after the turn even more to their guests. The historical core of the city, with its magnificent Renaissance-style houses, testifies to the former stately glory. 


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